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You'll Never Know What to Expect during a DJ's Ride

We’re throwing all the rules out the window for this ride!

Psycleworx Instructor Feature: Sharaya Poulin

Meet Sharaya.  She tries to help clients achieve a balanced lifestyle that encompasses all dimensions of health and wellness to fully enjoy life every day. (You're going to love her.)   Her Certifications She's certified with BCRPA as Personal Trainer and Group Training Instructor, as well as ...

Train like a Pro in our Tour de White Rock Class

More watts. That’s what the pros care about when in training mode.

PSYCLE BY THE SEA: FREE Pop-up Spin Classes!

Show Up. Psycle. Breathe. On Sunday, July 9th, Psycleworx will be hosting three FREE 45-minute spin classes overlooking the White Rock Pier. Our incredible instructors will lead you through a series of drills and hills, so get ready for a great workout with an even better view! Breathe in the fresh ...

Meet Your Psycleworx Instructor: Chad Benson

About Chad: Chad is an avid recreational cyclist and has trained both Olympic and professional athletes in numerous sports. He is a presenter, keynote speaker, and the Director of Fitness Education for Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Clubs (SNFC) and the British Columbia Personal Training ...

Take on Iona Intervals (Minus the Headwinds)

Picture yourself on the flat, open landscape on the way to Iona Beach Park.  

Zero Avenue Ain't No Ride in the Park

From the sounds of its name, if you didn’t know, you would think Zero Avenue would be flat. Or somehow easy.

Psycleworx Instructor Feature: Ingrid Knight-Cohee

Say Hello to Ingrid! Ingrid has been the Director of Group Fitness for Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Clubs for 7 years and a part of the fitness industry for 20+ years.   Ingrid's husband bought her a road bike (her first!) 2 years ago. She says she is just getting started, but don't let that ...

Introducing our Signature Class: Stanley Park

The Stanley Park class is our signature cycling experience represented by Vancouver’s most iconic landmark.  When you buy your first official road bike, the first place you will probably take it for a ride, is Stanley Park. That’s because it’s is great for beginner riders.

Charity Ride: John Volken Academy

Show Up. Psycle. Give Back. John Volken Academy Psycleworx classes are created to celebrate the local community. We’ve partnered with 11 local charities that improve the lives of our neighbours, friends, coworkers, and family every day. Let’s celebrate this community, and the opening of Psycleworx, ...