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5 Things You Want To Know About Indoor Cycling, But Are Too Afraid To Ask

January 09, 2018
Are you looking to try out something new? Maybe you want to make fitness part of your day, or try out a new class. Indoor cycling is a great way to get fit, and have fun all at once! But with a new class, comes questions and sometimes uncertainties. 

We want to clear the air and cover the 5 indoor cycling questions that people should ask, but are too afraid to!

1. How do I set up my bike?

Your saddle: This should sit at hip-height. Get onto your bike and let one leg fully extend - there should still be a slight bend at your knee.


Your handlebars: these can be adjusted to your comfort level. Make sure your shoulders are relaxed and you’re able to have a slight bend in your elbows.

Your best bet: ask an instructor or someone else from the studio! They’ve been trained to set up the bike for each person and really like helping you out. Plus, they can tell you so you know for next time.

2. How the heck to I clip into/out of these pedals?

This part can seem a little confusing, but once you get it, you’ve got it for life - kind of like riding  bike (pun intended).

To clip in: there is a small clip on shoe at the ball of the foot. Slide that onto the pedal and push down hard. Usually if you put your weight into it, it will clip in easily!

To clip out: push your ankle away from the bike and your toes toward it. You should feel the pop as it clips out. If this doesn't work, just take your foot right out of the shoe! In most cases, someone from the studio will retrieve shoes when cleaning.

3. How much am I really going to sweat?

We won’t sugar coat this: a lot.

Be prepared to come out dripping and ready for a shower but feeling oh-so-refreshed and ready to take on the world.

4. Are you sure I’ll be able to keep up?

Don’t feel like you have to keep up! Whether it’s your first ride with us, or 20th, we want you to take it at your own pace.

We’ll give you instructions and test you to push  your limits, but it’s always okay to reduce your resistance, go a little slower, or stay seated on your bike for the whole class. We want you to love cycling as much as we do!

5. Is it normal to have pain in my *ahem* sitting areas?

Short answer: yup.

When you first start, you might develop a little bit of bruising, and if cycling is something you plan to do quite often, it’s likely that you’ll experience this at other points in your journey as well. You can try looking into padded underwear or shorts if this is something that really bothers you.