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6 Instructor Approved Cycling Tips to Have the Perfect Ride

February 09, 2018

Whether you're a seasoned pro, or an excited newbie to the cycling world, one thing we know is it takes practice and a little bit of wisdom to nail your ride. 

Here are 6 instructor approved cycling tips from our team at Psycleworx

1. Arrive early. 

Arrive at least 5 minutes early to class and ask your Psycleworx instructor to fit you to your bike (high performance fit). This will insure proper form, prevent injury, and allow you to get the most out of your class.

- Kalena, Personal trainer,  Psycleworx lead instructor 

kalena-morton.jpeg2. Amino acids are key.

Make sure your taking a high quality amino acid to help with muscle recovery. My favourite is Dotfit Amino grape flavour, which I take during and after my workout 

- Kalena, Personal trainer,  Psycleworx lead instructor 

3. Make friends with a foam roller.

Foam roll of self myofascial release. Cycling is primarily a lower body workout and the 5 minute stretch that us instructors do after a workout typically isn't enough. Grab a foam roller and get to rolling! Unsure how? Book in a complimentary session with a trainer and they will show you how!

- Kalena, Personal trainer,  Psycleworx lead instructor 

sn_hr_social_ingrid-post1.jpg4. Follow your own goals. 

Be as competitive as you want to be. You don’t have to be visible on screen if you find it demotivating; alternatively use the leaderboard metrics to surpass your personal best or your fellow riders!

- Ingrid, Group Fitness Instructor and Psycleworx Instructor 

5. The right pants. 

Padded bike shorts/tights. Definitely padded!

- Ingrid, Group Fitness Instructor and Psycleworx Instructor  

instructor tips 6. Pre-class stretch.

Stretch your hip flexors before class to loosen them up. They like to take over for many people, but focus on getting your glutes to work for you and pull up on the pedal!

- Sharaya, Personal trainer and Psycleworx instructor 




Test out these tips and book your bike today!