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7 Things You Need in Your Spin Bag

December 12, 2017

Whether you're starting out your Spin/Cycling obsession, or are a seasoned pro, it's always important to keep the right workout gear handy to make sure you're focusing on what really matters. 

Here are the 7 things you need in your spin bag to make sure you have an epic class:


1.  Gym tote

Of course, you need something to carry your gear in! It's important to look for a bag that has enough compartments so you're not digging through your bag when you're running late for spin class - of course, you're NEVER running late ;) 

  • Herschel Novel Duffel which has an added shoe comparment – perfect if you're bringing your own spin shoes!
  • Lululemon Go Getter Bag  is great if you're looking for a bag that can take you from morning spin to post-work drinks.

7 things you need in your spin bag

Photo courtesy of Herschel  

2. Cycling shoes

If you're cycling on a regular basis, it's good to have your own shoes. Especially if you're clipping in on the road too!

7 things you need in your spin bagPhoto courtesy of Shimano 


3. A light pullover

Especially during the cooler winter months, the start of class (well, the first song), can be a little chilly. A light, sweat-wicking pullover is the perfect addition for before + after class. 

7 things you need in your spin bag

Photo courtesy of New Balance  

4. A bra with maximum coverage

You need to focus on the music and staying in the zone during your class, not on adjusting your outfit. Make sure you've got a sports bra that offers the maximum coverage so you're not worried about what might fall out!

  • RYU Women's Bra Top is cut like a crop to provide maximum coverage without all the heat of a full top. 
  • Nike Classic Swoosh is a trendy sports bra that adds a little extra flare with the same great coverage and support that Nike is known for. 

7 things you need in your spin bag

Photo courtesy of RYU

5. Fitted tights

Be sure to wear a pant that won't get in the way. A pair of mid- to high-rise tights will also make sure you're not left pulling up your pants when it's time to turn up the intensity. 

  • Nike Pro Hypercool Capris have added mesh that helps to regulate your temperature, keeping you cool as your class heats up!
  • New Balance Transform Pocket Crop also has built-in mesh along with pockets so you can keep your locker keys (or the jewelry you forgot to take off pre-class) tucked away. 

7 things you need in your spin bagPhoto courtesy of Nike

6. Cute water bottle

Hydration is essential, especially when you're sweating enough to fill a full glass of water. Be sure to have a bottle that will fit easily into the cupholders on your bike, and that's easy enough to grab a sip even during the sweatiest stretch. 

  • Soma is a sleak and small bottle that has an added "cute" factor! Plus, the silicone sleeve is helpful with sweaty hands. Plus, glass is always a win for us!
  • Swell Bottle gives us the thirst quenching cold that we're looking for. Insulation in the bottle keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours, which means that our water stays cold, even when the class heats up. 

7 things you need in your spin bag 

Photo courtesy of S'well 

7. A snack

You just (potentially) burned 1,000 calories. And it's likey you'll be a little extra hungry for the rest of your day. Make sure to replenish what you lost with a snack that gives you quality carbohydrates and protein

  • Vega Sport Protein Bar is made with plant-based proteins. This can be helpful for people who experience digestive upset from traditional whey protein sources.  
  • A smoothie  that's stacked with quality recovery protein and fats will not only replenish the nutrients and vitamins you sweat out, but keep you full for the busy day ahead! 

7 things you need in your spin bagPhoto courtesy of Vega

What do you always keep in your spin bag?

Make sure that you've got classes booked to bring your newly packed spin bag to! Check out classes and register below.