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Are You Awesome? Psycleworx is Hiring

August 16, 2017

With the re-opening of the newly renovated Steve Nash Sports Club at Morgan Crossing, we also celebrated the launch of PSYCLEWORX–the first-of-its-kind signature cycling studio. We’ve transformed our indoor cycling room into a unique and immersive new community.


We believe in sharing our love for cycling, giving back to the community and delivering success to each and every rider.


Now that it has been open for just over two months, PSYCLEWORX is in full swing and looking for dedicated and passionate Group Cycling Instructors to join us.

Wondering What We’re Looking For?

Our Psycleworx Group Cycling Instructors are dedicated to delivering the best cycling experience possible. They create fun, motivating and sweaty (!) classes for groups of 20+ members. Instructors challenge and celebrate participants by creating an experience that delivers results.


If you know how to make work feel like play, while inspiring others to push their limits, then we want to hear from you.


Now you can search opportunities specific to Psycleworx on our brand new Careers Page!

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