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How to make Friends at your Indoor Cycling Class

February 09, 2018

Having someone to hold you accountable to your workouts helps you push yourself, and actually show up to your class. What better way than finding someone in your class to be you cycling buddy?

Finding that right person can be tricky though - and a little intimidating. To help you make friends at your indoor cycling class, we wanted to give you a few tips!


1. Show up a little early.

Show up about 10 minutes before class. First, this will ensure that you're on time and can set yourself up on the bike. Second, it gives you time to chat with your neighbour. 

2. Introduce yourself.

Before you start riding, introduce yourself to your neighbour! You're in the next 45 minutes to 1 hour together, why not support each other on the ride! Plus, it makes it a little less awkward when your sweat droplet accidentally gets on them.  

3. Congratulate them on a job-well-done. 

It always feels nice to hear you did a good job, especially after you just ran your legs as fast as you could! So give your bike neighbour a high-five, and tell them they had a great ride. 

4. Smell nice.

No one wants to be friends with the smelly person, let alone sit next to them. Try to be neutral: wear deodorant, but skip on the perfume, and cologne, avoid strongly scented moisturizers and be sure put on clean clothes. 

5. Help out the newbies. 

Notice a newbie in class? Offer your expertise (only if you really know how) on how to set up their bike properly. 


Added bonus? Impart some class-knowledge or debunk the myths that scare them to get them pumped up for the ride. Does the instructor have good music? Do they offer a lot of hands-on advice? Give them the inside scoop so they can feel confident on their first ride. 

Conversation starters for pre- and post-ride: 

  • "That was a tough one!"
  • "XX is my favourite instructor. Have you tried that class?"
  • "So glad s/he played XX song. It always pumps me up!" 
  • "You're going to love when the instructor does..."


We can't wait to see you on a bike!