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Meet Your Psycleworx Instructor: Chad Benson

June 16, 2017

About Chad:

Chad is an avid recreational cyclist and has trained both Olympic and professional athletes in numerous sports. He is a presenter, keynote speaker, and the Director of Fitness Education for Steve Nash Fitness World & Sports Clubs (SNFC) and the British Columbia Personal Training Institute (BCPTI). Chad also developed the nashFIT training program for SNFC and helped to develop the class formats for Primal Flo and Battlewave at SNFC.

Credentials? He has 'em:

  • MSc Kinesiology
  • BPE
  • BSc
  • CSCS
  • Schwinn Cycling M Power
  • PTS
  • FRC
  • Bulgarian Bag & Trigger Point Master Trainer

Classes He Teaches:

You can currently find Chad teaching our Thursday morning 9AM Tour de White Rock - Pro Ride


More on Chad:

Best Workout Song: Thunderstruck

Favourite BC Hike: Flint & Feather / BCMC

Favourite Place to Ride His Bike (besides Psycleworx): White Rock Beach & Birch Bay

Gym Bag Essentials: Biosteel & Hypersphere

Favourite Restaurant: Rasoi Indian Restaurant

Cheat Meal: Hamburger and Yam Fries

Spirit Animal: Falcon

Favourite Quote:

"The leader of 1 is the leader of many.
If you can’t lead 1, you can’t lead any."

Follow Chad on Instagram: @prepair2perform