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Take on Iona Intervals (Minus the Headwinds)

June 06, 2017

Picture yourself on the flat, open landscape on the way to Iona Beach Park.


The headwinds are coming at you hard as you race to reach the end of the road. As you turn around for your recovery in between intervals, the wind is at your back, which makes for smooth sailing along the road next to the water. (And you’re now glad you wore that extra layer!)


The ride to Iona is known for windswept flats, the perfect setting for high speed intervals.


In this class, you’ll master your sprints and recoveries in this skills-focused format.


Over time, you’ll increase your cycling speed and your power through technique and improved endurance, getting you across the finish line faster each and every time!


If you’re looking to challenge yourself and improve your cardio, this is the class for you.


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